Time of the Wolf (2003): Buying Water


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The clip Buying Water from Time of the Wolf (2003)

50 litres. Maximum.
Give me some water, please. Please.
Koslowski isn't giving us enough. We are six persons.
My husband, my sister and me can work.
We work harder than others and my child is sick.
I implore you.
Please. We don't have anything to swap.
We only have what we are wearing.
You have to argue with him.
He doesn't give us any. Me has no mercy.
I implore you! I do anything you want. Do with me what you want.
Please stop. Don't cause trouble.
We can help you out, can't we?
Can't we discuss that later?
No. Not later!
Later, there will only be two glasses per person.
Please, give me some water!
I implore you! Otherwise you can beat me to death right here.
How much are ten litres?
A rich man? What do you have?
We don't have much. We are waiting for the train.
Don't you say!
I beg you! Don't go.
What would you give in exchange for a bike?
I don't really need a bike.

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