Time of the Wolf (2003): Crimes and Accusations Part 2

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Published 14 Nov 2011
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The clip Crimes and Accusations Part 2 from Time of the Wolf (2003)

What did he do?
Are you insane? I asked you what he did to you.
Listen, smart-ass!
It's none of your business, but anyway:
Your nice foreign buddy and his brood...
they steal everything they can get their hands on.
And not only since we are here.
Ain't it so?
I know you, my dear fellow.
Back in my village he killed a farmer and stole his stuff.
That's not true. I swear that's no true.
Certainly! You want to accuse me of killing that farmer? Filthy pig!
None of that is true.
What's going on?
Have you all gone mad?
I have been robbed. Meat, water and a goat are missing.
We just found out. I'm sure he took it.
Since we are on our journey, no one ever stole anything from us.
That's not true. My husband was here all night.
Where should he out your goat. That's ridiculous!
You should have kept your eyes open.
Who was on night watch?
Maybe Koslowski knows where the things have gone.
That's too low. Do you want to accuse me?
Maybe it was the boy.
What boy?
She knows him. He stole some spectacles before.
Why did you do that?
I thought you would stick with us, when we travel on.
I never said that.
Great! So now everything is fine!
Because of you they almost killed the foreign man.
They need the milk for their children.
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