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The clip Listening to Music from Time of the Wolf (2003)

Probably one of your "just"?
Anyway, in Pont Monterre,
I have seen one of them with my own eyes.
In the middle of the town square he undressed and leapt into the fire.
Burning like a torch.
I thought I couldn't believe my eyes?
Don't tell such stories.
I'm serious. They will redeem us.
They are everywhere. Well "everywhere" is probably a bit exaggerated.
Everywhere where there are mad people.
In Pont Monterre. In Vogne.
They say in Arrieux there were several.
They jump in the flames all naked an burn to their deaths.
They sacrifice themselves for us.
So the damned world will be alright again.
I guess they are belong to your "just".
On the other hand... When they are of the "just"...
Everybody that burns in the flames,
is one "just" less.
You said they were 36, didn't you?
So the world can keep on turning.
So what does logic tell us?
Your 36 are a different team.
Excuse me.
Do you want some?
No. No, thank you.
What is it then?
What was that music you played yesterday?

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