Casper (1995): Carrigan Dies


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The clip carrigan dies from Casper (1995) with Cathy Moriarty

Dibs, do you have any idea what this means? Yes!
No. You don't have to be scared of death anymore.
One minute you'll be a ghost; next, you're back on your feet,
free to come and go as you please.
Hell, you could even fly through... Walls.
Thick walls. Thick as steel.
Certainly could get to whatever's behind those walls.
Like a, a treasure, for example? And snap, crackle, pop:
You're back alive and on your way to the Riviera.
If you were a ghost.
If you were.
Damn it, Dibs. This won't hurt a bit.
Stop being such a weenie! It's just business. Come on!
If you would just...
Whoa. Wa-a-a-a!
So there you are.
Dibs, you're takin' this way too personally.

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