Casper (1995): Kat and Casper Talk


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The clip kat and casper talk from Casper (1995) with Christina Ricci, Malachi Pearson

You know, fellows, we're never this close anymore.
Oh, no, please don't scream. I
I promise I won't hurt you.
I'm a ghost, yes, I admit it. But I'm a friendly ghost. You have to trust me.
If you scream, you'll wake up my uncles, and they get awfully cranky.
I'm gonna let you go now, okay?
You're so cold.
Yeah, but it saves on the heating bill. Ha!
Come on.
It's okay.
I can see right through you.
Kind of happens when you don't have any skin.
Wh... What are you made of?
Well, you know that tingling feeling when your foot falls asleep?
I think I'm made of that.
Um, sunny-side up kind of makes me yak.
No problem.

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