Casper (1995): Therapy Session with Ghosts


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The clip therapy session with ghosts from Casper (1995) with Christina Ricci

Johns Hopkins University? Very impressive.
Very. Pull!
Not... this one. Thank you, gentlemen.
Hey, what a dish, Doc! The little missus perhaps?
Hubba, hubba!
Fatso, you animal. She available, Doc?
She's my wife Amelia. She's deceased. Even better.
But... we're not here to talk about me.
See? Now don't you feel just awful? I was just goofin'.
Don't be goofin' on Amelia. She's as nice a person as they come.
She's always treated you right, huh, Stinkie?
I got no complaints. She's always been an angel to me.
Wait a minute. What are you saying?
I'm sayin: She's a peach.
None better. Why? You've actually seen her?
You think I'm blind? Of course I've seen her.
Who hasn't? You're not lookin' for her, are ya, Doc?
Well, that's not really the focus of our sessions here, is it?
But as long as you raised the issue,
you wouldn't have a way...
of contacting others like yourselves, would you?
I didn't think so.
Now, that's not generally allowed there, Doc.
Ya gotta go through channels.
Paperwork. Red tape.
A holy mess, you know? But for you?
I don't know. Maybe we could work somethin' out.
You keep that ghoul Crittenden off our backs,
and I'd say we got a deal, right, boys?
Deal? Deal.
Fatso, you know where Amelia floats. Go!

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