Casper (1995): the Uncles Scare Dr. Harvey


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The clip the uncles scare dr. harvey from Casper (1995)

Yee-haw! Uh-oh, it's them.
Here they come!
Man, oh, man, them ponies run faster when we go down to Belmont.
Here, Flicka. Bleaaugh!
Hey, guys. Have fun?
Oh, look, it's Casper. Casper.
You know on a scale of one to ten... ten being fun,
and one being you... yeah, we had fun.
Giddyup there.
Say, bulbhead, why ain't you inside doin' your chores?
I know. How about you guys relax out here, and tonight we'll eat al fresco?
Yeah, where's dinner? I'm starvin'. I'm wastin' away.
Hey, sounds great. Who's that?
Short sheet, you wouldn't be trying to keep us outta the house, would ya?
No! No! I can see right through that bulbous head of yours.
It's just such a lovely night.
I thought we'd have fun eating under the harvest moon.
Shine on
Shine on, harvest moon Up in the sky
Aaah! Bye-bye!
Hey, hold it.
Hey, Fatso, you smell somethin'? Yeah!
No, besides him. Hello?
Huh? Hey!
No need to be afraid.
The idea, don't be afraid.
I'd like to make contact with you, but just one little thing, please.
Don't pop out from under a rug or through a keyhole. No spooking.
Let's get beyond that. I would like to approach you.
Now, I'm coming in the room now.

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