The Wolf Man (1941): Larry is Hurt and Brought Home


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The clip Larry is hurt and brought home from The Wolf Man (1941)

Like the Red Talbot.
Should have had him in the Guards.
Oh, no! He'll be invaluable here looking after the estate.
He's had a lot of experience in America.
Here, here, what's the matter?
Sir John!
What happened?
He was bitten by a wolf.
A wolf?
There haven't been wolves for years.
By the marsh. That woman came to help.
Where is she?
The Gypsy. I'd not have got him here without her.
The old woman who was in the doorway.
Find her.
Was there anyone else with you?
Jenny. Someone get Jenny.
Sir John! Captain! By the marsh.
Yes, yes, by the marsh?
Speak up, man.
Jenny. Jenny Williams.
What about her?
She's been murdered, sir.
Wolf, Gypsy, murder! What is this?
What makes you say she was murdered?
Her throat, sir.
Let's look into this. Show me where it happened.
I'll send Dr. Lloyd, Sir John.
Roberts, give me a hand with Larry.
Get him up to his room.

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