The Wolf Man (1941): Jenny's Mother is Angry at Gwen's Father


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The clip Jenny's mother is angry at Gwen's father from The Wolf Man (1941)

Ladies, what can I do for you?
Where is she?
What do you want to know?
Why she left my Jenny with the Gypsy.
She didn't want to be there while the fortune was told.
What a lie. She just wanted to walk out in the...
You mustn't speak of my Gwen like that!
Listen. There's a fine father for you.
How dare you let her walk out with other men when she's engaged?
She didn't do anything wrong.
It's because of her my Jenny was killed.
Now, that's enough!
She's to blame.
I knew that innocent face was just...
Outside! Outside, all of you!
I want the truth. What was she doing while my little Jenny was being murdered?
I'll tell you what she was doing!
All right, tell me!
Come on, come on. Speak up. What was it?
Don't you dare touch me. You and your fine daughter.
You've not heard the last of this!

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