Thunderbirds (2004): Shooting Thunderbird 5


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The clip shooting thunderbird 5 from Thunderbirds (2004)

The island is in sight.
Transom, I need you.
Yes, sir.
Sir, our cloaking device has evaded their detection systems.
We have a positive visual from the tracking solution on Thunderbird 1.
Sir, armed and ready. Shall I target the main structure?
Why would I want to destroy what will soon be mine?
A tenet of Eastern martial arts is to use your opponent's strength against him.
This is ridiculous.
It will be impossible to force the Thunderbirds to leave their island.
On the other hand, it requires no effort at all to let them go.
The Thunderbirds' purpose is to rescue. All we need do is give them the victim.
Commence targeting.
Straightaway, sir.

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