The Invention of Lying (2009): Stop the Man in the Sky


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The clip stop the Man in the Sky from The Invention of Lying (2009)

"the man in the sky who controls everything
"decides if you go to the good place or the bad place.
"He also decides who lives and who dies."
-Does he cause natural disasters? -Yes.
-Did he cause my mom to get cancer? -Yes.
Did he cause that tree to land on my car last week?
-Yeah. -Did he kill my dad with that heart attack?
I say fuck the man that lives in the sky!
Yeah, that guy's evil!
That guy's a coward, hiding up there doing bad things to us.
Why doesn't he do it to our faces?
We have to stop that evil bastard before he kills us all!
Wait, wait, listen.
The man who lives in the sky and controls everything
is also responsible for all the good stuff that happens.
He's the guy that saved my life on that fishing trip when the boat capsized?
-Yes. -Did he capsize the boat?
He killed my grandmother and left me those millions of dollars?
You bet yeah.
So, he's the one who cured my mom's cancer?
So, he's kind of a good guy, but he's also kind of a prick, too.
Yeah. Right, but check this out, okay?
"Number ten, even if the man in the sky does bad stuff to you,
"he makes up for it by giving you an eternity of good stuff after you die."
As long as you don't do any of that bad stuff that you mentioned, right?
-Yeah, of course. -So it's kind of a test.
Well, that's everything I know.

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