The Invention of Lying (2009): Birthday Sex Coupon


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The clip birthday sex coupon from The Invention of Lying (2009)

-Okay. -Good.
What's this?
Birthday coupon for sex.
It's a coupon for birthday sex. So it's sex with you 'cause it's my birthday?
What do you get the man who has everything?
-Sorry. -Forget about it now. Sorry, I didn't know.
-No, no, no, stop. -We're not married.
Which is what you just said.
Do not sleep with anyone unless you're married to them.
That's what I said. But hold on, though. What about the coupon?
-The rule is... -Yes, I know what the rule is.
So we can't...
The coupon, it's just such a...
-Rule. -Such a shame to waste it.
-But, I mean, you know... -It's too bad.
It is, it is.
Now I can't redeem sex with this.
So you'd like what? What am I gonna get you now?
Can't have sex with you.
You probably just prefer socks, right?
Yeah. Shitty little woollen ones, instead of sex.
BRAD: Hello?
Oh, he's coming.
Well, why have you invited him here?
I didn't. It was his idea.
I bet it was. It's my house.
-Anna. -You are so handsome.
I know.
-Mark. You look like trash. -Oh, your opinion.
Let's go have some fun.
-Not too much. -Hey! What are you doing with that?
That is a coupon for birthday sex.
-With you? -Yes.
But he doesn't want it because we're not married.
-He'd rather have a pair of socks, right?
Can I have it?
Oh, sure. Of course, we'll have to get married to use it.
Well, maybe we just will.
Well, don't... I'm not happy for that. What...
I'll call you later.

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