The Invention of Lying (2009): Anna's Second Thoughts


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The clip anna's second thoughts from The Invention of Lying (2009) with Donna Sorbello

No, I just... He's speaking to me now.
-Is he saying something? -He is, yeah.
Well, would you please tell us What he's saying?
He�s saying, "Why are you speaking to that idiot?�
And I'm saying back, "I'll give him a chance... "
There's got to be something better on TV than this.
Oh, wait, Mom, don't change it. That's my very good friend.
Oh, please. I know all your friends, and they're nothing like that.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means just because he's talking to the man in the sky
doesn't make him good enough to be your friend.
What if I wanted him to be more than just my friend?
Man in the sky forbid.
It would make no sense.
Mark Bellison is who the man in the sky chose to speak through,
but that doesn't change the fact that he's still a loser
and your kids would be, too.
-Well, he is more than just that. -There's nothing more than that.
Losers are losers. That's all they'll ever be.
He is...
He's smart, he's funny, and he's kind, and he is loving.
And he makes me feel special. He makes me happy.
You are going to be with the person who's right for you,
the person who'll give you the kids you've always wanted.
Someone like Brad Kessler.
Hello, Brad. One moment.
-Speak to him. Don't blow this.
Hi, Brad.

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