The Invention of Lying (2009): Reading to a Crowd


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The clip reading to a crowd from The Invention of Lying (2009)

"The ninja army unleashed a giant fireball
"and brought the robot dinosaur to its knees, saving Mars, Earth
"and the nude Amazonian alien women, all in one sweeping motion.
"The Earth was saved.
"Jebediah and Aleena were allowed to marry by alien King Wanglor.
"It was to be the first human nude Amazonian alien woman wedding,
"and no expense would be spared.
"All of Babylon and Mars were invited to join the celebrations.
"The wedding was held on a brisk summer's day on Mars.
"And all of the survivors of the Great Ninja War
"and the Black Plague were present.
"They feasted and danced and laughed, and it was a joyous occasion.
"The moment the bride and groom kissed,
"King Wanglor performed a mind-wipe on all the humans,
"thereby erasing all knowledge of these events for about 700 years,
"until one day, a great writer by the name of Mark Bellison
"would stumble across them in the desert after being fired by his crap boss, Anthony,
"and mocked by Brad and Shelley, two huge douche bags.
"Lecture Films would go on to make the picture, and it'd be a huge success.
"And Mark would become very wealthy and famous from it."
What are you gonna call this, Mark?
The Black Plague.
I want you to start immediately 'cause I think this could be
the best screenplay ever written.
Oh, it will.
It will be the best screenplay ever written by anyone.

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