The Invention of Lying (2009): Trying to Explain Lying


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The clip trying to explain lying from The Invention of Lying (2009)

I said something that wasn't. I...
What's the word for it? There is no word for it.
Of course there isn't. I invented it.
Watch this. Jim!
My name is Doug.
-Your name is Doug? -Hi, Doug.
That's so weird I never knew your real name. Doug is good. It suits you.
Come on!
What's my name?
-It's Doug. -Doug.
No, it's not! It's Mark!
-Your name is Mark? -Hi, Mark.
-Mark suits you even better. -Marko.
Okay, you're not getting it.
-I'm black. -I knew it.
You're very light-skinned, but I can see it.
-I always wanted a black friend. -Me, too.
I'm an Eskimo.
Yeah, I've never seen a black Eskimo.
I'm a pirate.
-I didn't know they still had those. -Are you a dangerous pirate?
I'm a lion tamer, and I'm wearing a wig.
Aren't you scared you'll get bitten one day?
That's a fantastic wig.
-I invented the bicycle. -I love your work.
Can I get a discount on a ten-speed?
I'm a one-armed German space explorer.
When's your launch date?
That's a very lifelike prosthetic.
This is incredible.

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