The Invention of Lying (2009): Guided Tour


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The clip guided tour from The Invention of Lying (2009)

In fact, this building is where Lecture Films' talented writers
scour the world's past events for the most dramatic,
entertaining and even hilarious moments from world history,
which are then turned into scripts, handed over to our world-famous readers
to read off of teleprompters and then filmed for your viewing pleasure.
Now, if you'll just follow me over here, I will give you a sneak peek
of Lecture Films' upcoming summer blockbuster,
Napoleon: 1812 to 1813.
Coming soon from Lecture Films,
screenplay by Brad Kessler and starring Nathan Goldfrappe,
Napoleon: 1812 to 1813.
And so Napoleon invaded Russia
with a brute force of nearly 700,000 men behind him,
armed with muskets and supported by cannon brigades.
Crippled by disease and hunger,
Napoleon�s men persevered.
It was then that...
Oh, look, everyone.
There's Mark Bellison, one of Lecture Films' very own screenwriters.
Mark is one of Lecture Films' least successful screenwriters.
I also hear he's most likely getting fired today.
Let's go to the editing bay, where we can watch them put the final touches
on the upcoming Lecture Films feature, The Invention of the Fork. Right this way.

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