Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins (2008): Setting a Competition


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The clip setting a competition from Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins (2008)

you all continue the Dry Springs obstacle course tradition.
So get out there and display that Jenkins family athletic prowess!
And, no matter what, have fun!
Good luck, young man. Make me proud.
Win something. Go on, have a good time.
Have fun.
Jamaal, nobody remembers who came in second, okay?
So you gotta get pumped, right? Loosen up.
Loosen up your muscles. Come on, loosen up! Come on, come on!
Win! Win! We're winners. We're winners.
Ease up now, Kiribati.
Jamaal, go. This ain't none of your business, Clyde.
Look, come on, man. This is just kids having fun.
Well, it ain't no fun getting beat. You should know that, Cadillac man.
Hey, that was one time! Even a blind squirrel can find a nut.
Who are you calling a squirrel?
"Who are you calling a squirrel?"
Roscoe, that's who! A blind, stink-ass squirrel.
And you the nut. Koo-koo!
Hey, leave my lady out of this. I know you're not calling my victory a fluke.
Oh, fluke, luck, one in a million shot, yeah.
Well, bring it on, Clyde. We can do this right here, right now.
He's always been a loser. He's always gonna be a loser.
Hey, Daddy! Daddy, you hear these fools? I'm gonna arrest them!
You two been at this for 20 years.
Go ahead. Knock yourselves out. Starting line, 10 minutes!
Oh, yeah? Yeah, Daddy! Yeah!
Starting line, 10 minutes, Clyde! Ten minutes. Ten minutes.
Ten minutes, Clyde!
Get him!
Ten minutes to countdown, baby! Come on, Clyde.
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral!
Oh, shoot, it's the Negro Olympics!

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