Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins (2008): Reggie Stare Bianca


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The clip Reggie Stare Bianca from Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins (2008)

Baby, my Downward Dog is fine.
Your alignment's off.
Watch me.
Damn, you are flexible!
Good morning, Reggie.
Good morning to you!
What's up, 'Scoe?
Fuck you looking at, Reggie?
You wanna glue your eyes back into your head, now?
Oh, my fault. I didn't mean to look, but I was just checking out the pose, man.
Hey! That is nice. That's hot. That is so hot.
Can I help you with something, Reggie?
Oh, your bag is here.
You couldn't just say that from Jump Street.
I was distracted, 'cause it looked like somebody hit you in the face
with a sack of nickels.
Well, maybe a foot in your ass'll help you focus, huh?
Maybe a slice of red velvet cake'll help you focus.
Man, get your look and move on. One look.
and down.
That's it. One. One!
One more, one more, one time.
That's it. Move on!
Oh, my God. Damn, 'Scoe!
Oh! Hey.
Reggie's got a Frank Aaron jersey, too, baby.
That's Hank, baby. And mine is a limited edition.
Reggie wouldn't even know where to look for one.
Oh, it's your world, player.
I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut, if you know what I mean.
Man, you need to get her pregnant soon. Come on, Bucky, let's go.
My God. Did you see that?
That's my jersey, ain't it?

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