Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins (2008): Clyde Gets Emotional


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The clip Clyde gets emotional from Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins (2008)

And that would, you know, that would...
I would have some scary nights sometime.
You know, it's hard sleeping with a raincoat on, you know.
And, you know, and...
And I tried to explain to them that, you know,
that's Roscoe the one that's peeing in the bed, not me.
And, he...
You know, just the way they took me in was so gracious.
They didn't have to do that. I thank you.
I thank y'all and...
Because I don't know where I would be right now if...
Nigga, what is you crying for?
Big old Sugar Bear-looking-ass boy. Sitting up there crying.
He's still wearing the pajamas with the feet in 'em.
Wow, I've never seen Clyde cry before.
Ain't nobody crying. I'm just cleansing.
No, those some real tears right there. I know.
I've cried more than a newborn baby getting his ass popped.
Hey, guys.
I've been beat up... Hey, Jamaal!
...insulted, laughed at...
A lot.
Hey, you're laughing already.
I lost more games and competitions
to Clyde than I can remember.
Oh, 3,459 and counting.
Thank you, Clyde.
I thought I was a loser.
So I went away
and transformed myself into what I thought was a winner.
But being around y'all is a 24/7
reality check.
Y'all rough on a brother.

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