Black Dog (1998): Fork in the Road


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The clip fork in the road from Black Dog (1998)

How long you been drivin' trucks?
Since I was 18.
Not much for school, huh?
Had to make a living.
I was gonna be a football player before I screwed up my knee.
So, now you run guns instead of footballs.
I'm gonna make me some serious money.
Buy a house on the lake. Hell, I might even buy me a lake.
Find a nice little honey, settle down.
How about you? You got big dreams?
I'm workin' on it.
Oh, shi...
What's wrong?
There's a weigh station on both of these roads.
One of 'em is bound to be open.
So, we got a 50-50 chance.
That's right.
Earl said take 85.
Where the hell is he goin'? I told him not to take 26.

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