Black Dog (1998): Weapon Shipment Crashes


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The clip weapon shipment crashes from Black Dog (1998)

All right, people. This is Agent Ford.
We're almost there. Let's make it count.
This is a surveillance op. We do not want this guy.
I repeat. Do not let him I.D. You. He's just the driver.
Eagle One. Gimme a heads-up.
Eagle One has target in sight.
Target moving east on Third. Over.
Roger, Eagle One.
C.P. Is following. Packages are right there in back.
Eagle One, you copy the black Mustang?
Roger, C.P. There's a second one closing in also.
He's made us. Maintain pursuit.
Repeat. Maintain pursuit.
Get the plates on those Mustangs!
Do not lose that driver. He's our only link to the buyers.

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