Dudley Do-Right (1999): Training Dudley Part 2


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The clip training dudley Part 2 from Dudley Do-Right (1999)

The hero trusts.
Now, I will throw some stones at you-
missing intentionally, of course-
and you will not flinch as they whiz...
past your head, because you trust me.
I trust you, master.
but that was very good. You trusted me.
Perfect! You didn't flinch at all.
Just one more, okay?
Excellent, absolutely!
Trust is your middle name.
A little less moaning would be good.
The final test
You will fight me without benefit of eyesight.
You will block my every blow...
because you can see without your eyes.
You can hear without your ears.
You can speak without your tongue.
Yes, master.
I said "without your tongue. "
Now, your sword is your stick.
The stick is your defense.
Prepare to defeat me.
Are you ready?
Very good, indeed! The hopping-foot defense.
Very good! The other-foot-hopping defense.
Wonderful! You're at one with the universe!
And now, concentrate.
Prepare to receive my final assault.
Wonderful. The playing-dead defense.
Good choice, under the circumstances.
You'll be all right, my son-
provided they don't attack you with sticks.

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