Brazil (1985): Doctor Jack's Office Part 2


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The clip doctor jack's office Part 2 from Brazil (1985) with Jonathan Pryce, Michael Palin

Excuse me!
Ah! I heard you were coming aboard.
Congratulations, "DZ/015."
Thanks. Are you Officer 412/L?
Uh-huh. That's me.
Oh, and, Sam, a very happy Christmas.
Thanks, Jack.
Are you settling in all right?
Yes, fine. Jack, I - I need some information.
Oh, Sam, this is Information Retrieval, not Information Dispersal.
Hey! Amy!
Don't throw the ball around in here.
I'm not Amy. I'm Holly.
Did I call you Amy, darling? I'm sorry.
A triplet?
One of them, I think.
Barbara's taken the other two Christmas shopping.
You're not going to keep calling her Barbara, are you?
Why ever not? Barbara's a perfectly good name, isn't it?
Don't you like it?
Yes, it's... fine.
Come on. Let's get these together.
Now bring me the blue one over there.
I need to find out about a woman.
Come on, Chloe, let's show Uncle Sam here how we can make the word "cat." Shall we?
I'm Holly.
Sorry, love. So you are.
This is her.
Oh, shit.
How much do you know about this?
Uh, not much.
What does B58/732 mean to you?
I knew it.
You always were bloody quick, Sam.
Who else knows? Warrenn? Helpmann?
I don't know. I only know you got the wrong man.
Information Transit got the wrong man.
I got the right man.
The wrong man was delivered to me as the right man.
I accepted him on good faith as the right man. Was I wrong?
You killed Buttle?
Sam, there are very rigid parameters laid down to prevent such things happening.
It wasn't my fault that Buttle's heart condition didn't appear on Tuttle's file.

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