Brazil (1985): Ordering Dinner


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Hello, Shirley.
Thank you, Spiro.
Not yet.
Sam, happy Christmas.
So sorry we're late.
Now, Alma...
what are you going to have?
I can't make up my mind whether to have the number one or the number two.
What do you recommend, Spiro?
Between you and me, madame...
today the number two.
Thank you, Spiro. Shirley. Shirley, what are you going to have?
Between you and me, mademoiselle, today the number one.
Madame Lowry?
Oh, to hell with the diet.
I'm going to have a number eight, please.
A most perceptive choice if I dare say so, madame.
Oh, Ida!
Steak, please. Rare. Mother-
Monsieur, quel numero?
I don't know which number. Mother, please -
That one. There.
That's fine. Thanks.
Mother, will you please listen to me.
Alma! You wicked girl.
You've started your treatment.
Say the number, please.
You noticed.
You have to say the number!
Will you please go away! I'm trying to talk-
I must tell you all about it.
Number three.
Mother, will you listen to me. I haven't -
Numero huit.
Braised veal in wine sauce.
It's too exciting. I've left Dr. Jaffe and gone to Dr. Chapman.
Numero deux. Duck a I'orange.
Dr. Chapman? Chapman?
The acid man?
Really, Ida! Just because his techniques are revolutionary...
I don't go around calling Dr. Jaffe the knife man.
Numero un, crevettes a la mayonnaise.
I am sorry, Alma. I didn't mean to sound so -
It's all right, Ida. It's just -
Steak. Numero trois.

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