Brazil (1985): Charging While Restrained

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The clip charging while restrained from Brazil (1985) "N3/HK/608, you are charged with the following: ...
The clip charging while restrained from Brazil (1985) "N3/HK/608, you are charged with the following: "Giving aid and comfort to the enemies of society, ; "attempting to conceal a fugitive from justice; "passing confidential documents to unauthorized personnel... "viz I.R. DossierJillian Layton; "destroying government property viz an indeterminate number of personnel carriers; "taking possession under false pretenses of said personnel carriers; "forging the signature of the head of Records, third department; "intention to misdirect ministry funds to the form of a check to A. Buttle... "through unauthorized channels; "tampering Central Services supply ducts; "obstruction of forces, Law and Order, in the exercise of their duty; "bringing into disrepute the good name of the government... "and the standing within the community of the Department of Information Retrieval; "attempting to disrupt the Ministry of Information Retrieval's internal communicating system; wasting ministry time and paper." Now, either you plead guilty... to, say, seven or eight of the charges... which is going to help keep costs down within your means... or you can borrow a sum, to be negotiated from us, at a very competitive rate. We can offer you something, let's say 11 and a half percent over 30 years... but you will have to buy insurance to qualify for this scheme. Or, if you prefer something more specific... say, against electrical charges over �70 - All you're requested to do at this stage is to sign this form. Think carefully before you decide. Looking ahead in financial matters is always a wise course.