Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998): the Race

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The clip the race from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) with Johnny Depp with a purse of $50,000 goin...
The clip the race from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) with Johnny Depp with a purse of $50,000 going to the winner... of this grueling, gut-wrenching, dust-eating... in-your-face motocross extravaganza! And there they go! We've got rooster tails goin'! We're here to spit in your enemy's eye! There they go. All right, our second group of ten is getting in place. Kawasakis, Triumphs, Maicos. We're ready to go. It's the green flag, and they're off! Another great start with a lot of dirt happening on this hill! All right, here we go with the third group. And they're off! Number 45 riding in the number-four position... is choking as the dust flies! You'd better wet those bandannas you got stretched over your face! There was something like 190 more bikes waiting to start. Gimme a beer, man. They were due to go off, ten at a time... every two minutes. There you go, buddy. Goddamn it. What day is it? Saturday? Shit. More like Sunday. Ahh. Hello! Anyone? Have you seen the race? By 10:00 they were spread out all over the course. Ohh! It was no longer a race. Now it was an endurance contest. The idea of trying to cover this race in any conventional press sense was absurd. Hey! It's pretty great, huh? What? Come on in! I'm just gonna try different combinations of lenses and film... until I find something that works in this dust! What the hell? That's fucking machine guns. They're firing at us. Machine guns! It's a goddamn war zone! Get us out of here quick!