13 Beloved (2006): Getting Chew out of the Well Part 2


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The clip getting chew out of the well Part 2 from 13 Beloved (2006)

We don't feel that this incident is unique to Chew,
but we tell his story hoping that people will take better care of their elders,
and not leave them in solitude.
This is the condition of the house before Chew started neglecting it...
What the hell?
You saw the TV, didn't you?
I'm going to give you an opportunity to do a good deed for a change.
A chance to help someone.
That person is Chew.
He's still inside this house.
What do I have to do?
Do you remember the well?
I'm looking for it right now.
Chew is in the well.
You have 10 minutes to help him out.
How long has Chew been in there?
A little over 10 days.
10 days?
And you knew he'd fallen in 10 days ago?
Why didn't you help him?
It's not our business.
It's the responsibility of his relatives to care for him, isn't it?
I guess,
but... If you hurry he might still be alive.
You have 10 minutes starting from when you hang up the phone.
Help Chew from the well...
and get the telephone number from his shirt pocket...
then call his relatives to come pick him up.
If you succeed, a cash prize of 1.2 million Baht will be yours.
Do you understand?
If you understand, then start.

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