13 Beloved (2006): the Police Chases Phuchit in the Hospital


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The clip the police chases phuchit in the hospital from 13 Beloved (2006)

At this time we have new developments...
in a case which is hitting the headlines.
Police are currently on the look out for...
Mr. Phuchit Puengnathong,
a member of staff at Sahamongkol Music.
Why are you doing this?
Congratulations. You've made it to level 9.
This next level is a cinch.
You must find our assistant, who is somewhere in this hospital and...
Look, this has gotten out of hand.
You must avoid the police who are after you.
If you are caught, then the game is over.
If you are able to find our assistant,
not only will you have an important tool for playing level 10,
but you will also receive... 10 million Baht.
From here on, every 3 minutes...
we will send you a clue...
which, will help make your search for our assistant easier.
Hey, wait a minute. Wait.
How's that? If you're ready then let's get started...
To listen again, please press 1
Spread out... and block the exits of the hospital.
Becareful, the suspect may try to take patients hostage.
The first clue word is '8'. Press 1...

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