13 Beloved (2006): Phuchit's Mothers Worries About Him


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The clip Phuchit's mothers worries about him from 13 Beloved (2006)

Hi Mom.
Hi Chit. Have you eaten yet?
Yes, mom.
Good. So what are you doing?
I'm on my way home. I'm almost there.
When you get there, try to rest, ok?
Yes, mom. There's no need to worry.
Are you coming home for the Songkran holidays?
Everyone is asking about you.
I don't know if I can clear my work in time...
...I might need to do overtime.
Everyone is very busy this time of year.
Promotions are coming up.
I might have the chance to become a supervisor...
Isn't that good?
Oh? That would be great.
But I'm sure I can come home for a couple of days.
That's good, son.
If work is getting tough then come home and relax.
It worries me seeing you work so hard.
If Bangkok is too hectic then come home.
Yes, Mom.
We may not be wealthy...
but we'll be close. We can take care of each other.
Yes mom. But don't worry.
Everything is coming along fine.
That's wonderful son...
And... Maew... how is she doing?
If you're coming home, bring her along.
She's a famous singer now. Has she's forgoten me?
Please tell her that we all miss her.
I will, mom.

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