13 Beloved (2006): Phushit Gets Fired


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The clip phushit gets fired from 13 Beloved (2006)

Chit, Somboon wants to see you right away.
It's Ok, Am.
Have a seat.
Your documnents...
I don't understand...
why your sales have been dropping for the past 3 months...
whereas everyone else seems to be doing better.
I'm trying, sir.
Trying? Is this what you call trying?
I think you misunderstand the meaning of "trying".
Take Prame, for example.
That's called trying.
Excuse me, Mr. Somboon. The system is setup now.
I need to try to and access it from outside.
Do you know what's happening next month?
We're using our computer network?
That's right. We're going online.
There are many benefits to this system.

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