Along Came Polly (2004): Presenting Leland's Case


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The clip presenting Leland's case from Along Came Polly (2004) with Alec Baldwin, Bryan Brown

I am so sorry for the delay, folks,
but one of our senior analysts, Reuben Feffer,
had his spleen burst just a few moments ago, and...
That's not good. Is he gonna be all right? Well, God willing, Leland.
But anyway, be that as it may, we have Mr. Feffer's associate here, Mr. Sanford Lyle,
who's been briefed on the case and will present Reuben's recommendations.
Thank you, Stanley.
I just need a little bit of water.
As you know, this is a highly complex case.
Um, let me see here.
Yeah, on the plus side,
Leland's blood pressure is pretty solid.
And he's, uh, at a decent weight,
and he looks pretty damn healthy, right?
And he's a sexy guy, right?
And he is sexually active in the community.

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