Along Came Polly (2004): Going to Dance Salsa


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The clip going to dance salsa from Along Came Polly (2004) with Jennifer Aniston, Ben Stiller

Hey, Reuben! Uh, it's Polly... Prince.
Um, I don't know if you have any plans tonight,
but if not, you should swing by, uh, 37 Gansevort Street...
around 9:00 if you can make it.
You know, it's no big deal, but it could be fun.
So, you know, think about it.
Okay, so, um, I'll see you later... or not. I mean either way.
And... Oh, if you do come, you should wear comfortable shoes.
That is if you come. But you totally don't have to.
I mean, I might not even be there.
I am so glad that you came. Yeah. I wore my comfortable shoes just like you said.
So what are we doing?
Oh, crap.
This place is a total secret. It is the best underground salsa club in New York.
Yeah, you know, I'm not really a big dancer. I don't know...
Oh, come on. You know what? It's easier than it looks.
Oh! Oh, okay. There you go. Just feel it in your legs.
All right. Okay. Ow!
Sorry, sorry. That's okay. Just step on my feet a little less than that.
Work it
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Looking good, Pollyanna.
Hey, Javi.
You stop that. This is my friend Reuben.

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