Breach (2007): Juliana Sees the Video


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The clip juliana sees the video from Breach (2007)

Hey. Hi.
What are you watching?
Nothing. Just a training tape on surveillance.
Hanssen wanted me to make sure the transfer was okay.
Would you mind getting the rest of the groceries for me, honey?
Just a few more bags in the car.
How was school? It was fine. I'm just tired.
A training tape on surveillance?
This is not what it looks like.
What it looks like is he's making pornos of Bonnie,
except she doesn't know about it.
Everybody told me, when you marry the Bureau, things get weird. The cases.
But they never told me about this.
This has nothing to do with a case.
So you weren't just steaming open his mail? He gave it to you?
I gotta go.

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