Breach (2007): Hanssen is Suspicious


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The clip hanssen is suspicious from Breach (2007)

Eric. Yes, boss?
Come in here. I want to show you something.
This is the address of my mechanic in Manassas.
I'm dropping my car off on Monday.
I need you to pick me up and bring me in to work.
No later than 8:15.
Is something wrong with your car, sir?
Yeah. I'm having it swept for electronic devices.
Oh, yeah?
Been sensing signal bursts coming through my radio lately,
and car alarms go off when I drive past.
It's not beneath the Russians to track me.
I'm tailed all the time.
They know how much I know.
Yes, sir.
You know this movie?
She's very appealing.
Yes, sir. I've always thought so.
Close the door on your way out.

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