Breach (2007): Things Fall into Place


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The clip things fall into place from Breach (2007) with Chris Cooper

Dear friends, thank you for the $50,000
As far as the funds are concerned,
I have little need or utility for more than $100,000 at any one time
My security concerns may seem excessive
I believe experience has shown them to be necessary
I am much safer if you know little about me
Neither of us are children about these things
I was unable to locate the package based on your description last night
Please recognize that I am in a business suit
and cannot slog around in inch-deep mud
Your service has recently suffered some setbacks
I warn you that Mr. Boris Yuzhin,
Mr. Sergei Motorin and Mr. Valery Martynov
have all been recruited by our special services
The US can be errantly likened to a powerfully built, but retarded child,
potentially dangerous, but young, immature and easily manipulated
I found the site empty
Empty sites bother me
I like to know before I commit myself, as I'm sure you do also
One might propose that I am either insanely brave,
or quite insane
I'd answer neither I'd say insanely loyal
Take your pick, there's insanity in all the answers
Eventually, I would appreciate an escape plan
Nothing lasts forever
Sincerely, Ramon

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