Breach (2007): Lying to Hanssen


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The clip lying to hanssen from Breach (2007)

Hi. Hi.
You're back.
Boss. When did you get here?
Very disappointed in you, young man.
Leaving your bride all alone without telling her where you'd be.
Not good, Eric. Where were you?
My mother fell. I had to go see her.
Did she break anything?
No. Just bumped her head.
That's awful. Yeah.
Write down their address for me, would you?
I'd like to send some flowers.
That's very kind of you, boss.
We couldn't reach you on your pager.
On your hip 24l7, right?
Yeah, I know. The battery died.
Sorry, honey. I should have called. It's okay.
Juliana was just telling us what it was like to grow up in the Communist Bloc.
Oh, yeah?
It piques my curiosity, as you can imagine.
Hope it hasn't felt like an interrogation, Juliana.
Here we are.
Bonnie, you really didn't have to go to all this trouble.
It's just leftovers.
I guess I just couldn't stand the thought
of you two ordering from that Peking Wall place again.
Even Chinese people can't eat Chinese every night, Eric.
Besides, how is this tiny thing going to give you a house full of babies,
if you don't put some protein in her diet?
Would you like to say grace, Eric?

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