Breach (2007): Paranoia


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The clip paranoia from Breach (2007) with Ryan Phillippe

Sir, you could fall.
I won't fall.
I'm very coordinated.
Trying to re-route a phone line to get Internet access.
I can get an IT guy in here to do that for you, sir.
My Lord, you are as dumb as a bag of hammers, aren't you?
Yes, let's bring in an IT guy,
making $35,000 a year,
and give him access to hard drives
that a foreign agent would pay millions for.
We're supposed to be protecting the Bureau from electronic infiltration.
So, what kind of sites do you like?
On the Internet. Are there sites... Why?
I don't know, just...
I've never seen anyone stand on top of their desk to get online before.

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