Breach (2007): O'neill's Backstory


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The clip o'neill's backstory from Breach (2007) with Chris Cooper, Ryan Phillippe

Do you pray the rosary every day?
Your file says you prepped at Gonzaga, with the Jesuits.
That's right. I did.
So, do you pray the rosary every day?
Not every day, no.
You should.
You still want my list, sir?
The five things?
These are the greatest pens in the world.
I would never write with anything else.
I won Boy Scout merit badges in every category except riflery.
I haven't been to confession since high school.
There are several words I constantly misspell.
My favorite drink is a vodka tonic.
And I'm the only male in the last four generations of my family
who hasn't served in the military.
What is your drink then?
It's against Bureau policy for an agent to consume alcohol, even off-duty.
Did you know that? Yes, I did.
Because an FBI agent is never off-duty.
That comes from Director Freeh.
We attend the same church.
Who's the pager for?
My wife.
She likes to know she can get a hold of me 24l7.

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