Missing (1982): Trying to Throw Ed off the Scent Part 2


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The clip trying to throw ed off the scent Part 2 from Missing (1982)

They are arresting Americans.
Or don't David Holloway and Frank Teruggi count?!
Shh. Of course they count.
I heard about them in Washington, Teruggi and...
They're released, right? We should speak to them.
We're seeing David tomorrow.
We are?
Is that my list?
No. These are things I'd just like you to check on.
OK, I'll do my best.
Well, if that's all I guess we can get back to work.
Just one moment, please. To be frank, I know that in these countries,
the embassies have agents involved with the police
and military training...
This has nothing...
I assume that this case has something to do with it,
and I don't care how or who runs it,
I just want you to use it to help find my son.
I assure you...
That's all I have to say.
I noticed you were talking with a reporter before.
It might be better for the investigation if you hold off on that for a while.
You know what I mean?
I'll hold off.

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