Missing (1982): Mr. Paris Tells His Story


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The clip mr. paris tells his story from Missing (1982)

Ambassador, my friends have talked to refugees
in the Swedish, Mexican and French embassies.
The man they must see is here in your embassy.
All these people are here for protection.
I am responsible for their lives.
Oh, come on, look at them.
Do they look like assassins?
Ve y dile que no son problema.
Beth. Mr. Horman.
OK, Kate. This way.
You must remember, Mr. Paris is a desperate man.
How many refugees have you got here?
About 800, 900.
'There were four of them in Lutz's office. '
The general, of course, the colonel, my friend, who told me of this,
and the American.
The prisoner?
The American officer. No, the prisoner was in the next room.
Was he alive?
More or less.
What do you mean, "more or less"?
I'm only telling you what I heard.
What does "more or less" mean?
Well, apparently he had been roughed up during interrogation.
How badly?
I don't know. I wasn't there.
Your friend was?
My former friend, Mr. Horman.
Nobody in this regime is my friend any longer.
Who was the American officer in the room?
Who knows? The ministry is full of them.
Their Milgroup office is down the hall from the general. This is a scoop for you.

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