Missing (1982): an Appointment with the Ambassador

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Published 27 Nov 2011
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The clip an appointment with the ambassador from Missing (1982)

Yes, sir.
Mr. Horman, you can go in now.
Thank you.
Good morning. Beth, I'm sorry.
This appointment is only for Mr. Horman.
Anything I'm about to hear is for her also.
It's all right, send them both in.
Come right in, please.
Mr. Ambassador.
Good morning. Have a seat.
What happened?
Have a seat, please.
What happened?
Did you find him?
What? Oh, no, not that at all. I'm sorry.
What is it then?
I hear you'd like to discuss some political questions.
You suggested
that there might be some kind of American police assistance program here.
I'd like you to know nothing of that sort exists in this county.
Mr. Ambassador, I'm not interested in the politics.
I just want you to use every resource at your command.
I repeat, Mr. Horman,
no such operation exists.
I got the clearance for those hospitals you wanted to visit.
What about the national stadium?
Well, it's kind of touchy.
Handle it!
What do you mean, "it's touchy"?
Look, gentlemen...
I know these are bad times, it's not fun for you people.
It's certainly not fun for Beth or me. Or Charles.
You're doing your best, I have to believe that. That's our only hope.
But you have all the machinery on your side.
Don't you see? You have all the connections.
I'm a middle-aged businessman from New York.
I don't speak one word of Spanish. Here I am.
My son may have been shot.
Maybe he was tortured. Maybe he was
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