Missing (1982): Addressing the Prisoners


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The clip addressing the prisoners from Missing (1982)

This is all of them, Colonel?
Me temo que si.
One form for each prisoner who was held and released.
But none for my son?
That means that he was not here.
Come and check for yourself.
I thought Frank Teruggi was released.
Teruggi. The man arrested with David Holloway.
Very sorry. I don't recall his name.
Shall we?
'Atencion, su atencion... '
Go ahead, Mr. Horman.
I can't seem to. You go ahead. You... you start.
Charlie, this is Beth.
I'm here with your dad, Charlie,
and the American consul.
So, if you can hear me,
please come out so we can take you home.
Charles Horman,

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