Missing (1982): No Help from the Americans


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The clip no help from the americans from Missing (1982)

Excuse me. Could we speak to Mrs. Tyler, please?
There's nobody here by that name.
Could we speak to whoever's helping Americans leave the county?
That's not our job. Talk to somebody at the consulate.
We were told that the consulate was closed because of gunfire
and that the consul was working here.
Yeah? Well, that's news to me.
Could you call for us and maybe find out?
Lady, if you wanna see if the consulate is open, then go there.
It's lunch time. Everybody's gone, and the phones are dead.
Well, thank you very much.
Excuse me. I'm Kate Newman, a freelance reporter out of New York.
No comment. Just a friendly misunderstanding.
If you don't mind, if I were you, I'd come back after lunch.
Demand to see the ambassador. Don't go to the consulate -
it's a mile away and the streets are murder.
Thanks. Wait. Miss Newman?
Would you do me a big favor?
Can I borrow your paper?
I don't understand. There's nothing here.
They told us in Vina that the military were executing thousands of people here.
There's nothing.
When were you in Vina?
We just got back yesterday. Wanna hear something strange?
Our hotel was full of American military officers.
I'd forget about that.
Suelteme, estupido!
Dejenme ir con el!
Hey! Hey, wait a minute!
Do not meddle!
Dejalos, son americanos.
Are you OK?
I'm all right.
Why did you do that?

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