Missing (1982): Insisting Charlie is Not in Hiding


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The clip insisting charlie is not in hiding from Missing (1982)

Mr. Ambassador, Mr. Horman.
Come right in, sir.
My pleasure.
Mine too.
Captain Tower, US Navy, our senior military group officer.
Colonel Clay, our defense attache.
Mr. Horman.
Thank you.
Mrs. Horman, how are you today?
Shall I review?
Yes. But first...
I want to express our deep concern over your son's disappearance.
Thank you.
I assure you
every element at our disposal has been and will continue to be utilized
to facilitate his safe return.
That's exactly what I'd hoped to hear, Mr. Ambassador.
Go ahead, Consul Putnam.
Sir, we've conducted an extensive investigation.
Captain Tower's staff have interviewed residents
in the area where Charles was last seen.
Colonel Clay has maintained his contacts with military and police authorities.
But after analyzing all the data, we still come to the conclusion
that he must be in hiding.
From what?
That's a valid question, and one we'd like the answer to.
We've been through this a hundred times.
He's not hiding. Our whole neighborhood saw him picked up by a goon squad.
The military swears they haven't got him.
I've been to the carabinero stations, to the department of investigations,
I even got into the national stadium, and he's just not in their custody.
So the hiding theory seems to be the most viable, at least for the present.
That's dumb. If he were in hiding, he'd let me know he was all right.
Maybe he can't. There have been a lot of civilian accidents and injuries.
No shit, Sherlock.

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