Missing (1982): False Information in the Ambassador's Office


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The clip false information in the ambassador's office from Missing (1982)

Ed. Ed. The ambassador is waiting for you in the ballroom.
We've been trying to reach you. We may have some good news.
What would that be?
That my son was executed in the stadium three days after his arrest?
Wait. Who told you that? Ed, wait.
Ah, good, Consul, you found him.
Mr. Horman, this is Mr. Samuel Cross.
Gentlemen, perhaps we'd be more comfortable over here.
Mr. Cross is a journalist with good access to left-wing circles down here
and he's dug up some interesting information about your son.
I believe that your son's alive and well, Mr. Horman.
Captain Tower asked me to make inquiries about Charles's whereabouts.
I spoke with a guy who's helping political refugees escape.
His organization has secured credentials for three Americans to leave Santiago.
One of them was your son.
Where is he?
He's in the north.
He should be out of the county sometime next week.
Can I contact him?
I'm afraid you can't. But I'll lay odds he's home in New York before...
Will you please get him out of here?
Now, I said "please". I wanna speak to the two of you alone.
Mr. Cross, thank you. Mr. Horman has new information

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