Missing (1982): Charlie's Notes - Babcock's Story


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The clip charlie's notes - babcock's story from Missing (1982)

"During the barbecue, Ray Tower arrived.
"Later he drove us back to Santiago.
"Trip uneventful, aside roadblock incident, detailed page 12."
Ray Tower drove 'em back?
"Later he drove us back to Santiago. "
Well, what? Does that mean something?
Go back to where they first meet Babcock.
'May I borrow that paper if you're through?'
"Babcock with a French Accent - 'You'd do better to ask in English. "'
You're French?
'Skip ahead to why he was there. '
What are you doing down here?
The navy sent me to do a job. She's done.
Any idea how long we'll be stuck in Vina?
About a week. Everything's all right. The coup went very smoothly.
You're completely safe.
Was it planned very far in advance?
Terry, does a bear shit in the woods?
Will the US recognize the government?
That's up to the politicians.
"Red-haired woman appeared edgy. Babcock stopped talking. "
Did Babcock introduce them to Patrick?
No, Charlie introduced himself. "The next day in the lobby... "
Excuse me, Colonel.
'Hello. What are you doing in this neck of the woods?'
"'I'm Charles Horman. This is my friend, Terry Simon. '
"I explained that we'd come for one day and got stuck by the coup. "
Oh. You'll be here a while. The roads are closed.
What's happening in the capital?
The military's doing search-and-destroy missions, just like in Vietnam.
There are bodies everywhere. It's a royal mess.
How long before you think the roads are open?
I don't know
but give me your room number, I'll keep you posted.
I'd appreciate it.
"I'm terribly anxious about Beth. "

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