Wimbledon (2004): Playing Forth Set


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The clip playing forth set from Wimbledon (2004)

It's like asking me which one of my kids I love more.
Which one of my kids do I love more?
My daughter. I'll talk to you later.
Well, Peter Colt is back. Let's hope he's better.
So far this match has been a blowout.
Yeah, Pete! Peter!
Ladies and gentlemen, as play resumes, Hammond leads...
two sets to love and one game to love.
Hammond to serve. Play.
Go, Pete!
Ifhe bounces the ball once instead of twice,
he's going for the body.
Ifhe shifts back on his left heel and shows you his toe,
it means he's hitting deep.
Colt sure seemed to have Hammond's number on that one, Chrissy.
Which is a good sign ifhe's gonna climb out of the giant hole he's dug himself.
Ouch. You all right? Yeah.
Welcome back. Same to you, sir.
Station ident ready to roll.
Eight, top of your shot. We got a visitor.
John, did you see who just came in?
That'll give an immediate adrenaline burst.
He did it, Chrissy. He pulled out the set.

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