Wimbledon (2004): Getting Job at Tennis Club


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The clip getting job at tennis club from Wimbledon (2004) with Paul Bettany

I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of having it engraved.
Frankly, my biggest problem is parking. Right.
Mm, not for you, of course. No. Your own space.
Nameplate again. Oh, good.
Hello, Ian. Is this the young man you were telling us about?
Mm-hmm. Peter Colt, the one and only.
Once ranked 15th in the world, I hear.
Uh, 11 th, actually, for the better part of'96.
Yes. Peter's got himself a wild card at Wimbledon.
Then we're hoping he'll be hanging his racket here at the club.
Well, we'll see.
We shall look forward to giving you a peek at our ground strokes. Won't we, ladies?
Oh, do shut up, Sylvia. Good luck at the championships, young man.
Thank you very much.
Yes. Carry on. Uh, Peter. Peter.
Watch the ladies. Occupational hazard. Of course.
Oh, look at this. Look at this.
Completely new hybrid. Yes, developed by the Yanks.
Firm but springy.
Look, Peter.
I can't wait forever. There's no one else I'd rather... Ian.
Look no further. You have your tennis director.
Oh, that is splendid. So splendid.
Oh, look. That's Peter Colt, the new pro.
Once ranked 17 th in the world.
Eleventh! I was ranked 11 th in the world.
What makes one tennis player different from another?

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