Wimbledon (2004): Talking in Stadium


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The clip talking in stadium from Wimbledon (2004) with Kirsten Dunst, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Come stai? You are the Dragomir slayer.
How are you? You look a million... lira.
Oh, thank you, thank you. I try.
Do you know my partner, Sophia? No. Hi.
Nice to meet you. So?
I'm looking for Lizzie Bradbury. Have you seen her?
No. Maybe you should ask Jake Hammond. Oh, really? Why?
Why do you think?
Oh, right. Ah.
Well, I'd better get a move on. Ciao.
Good luck tomorrow. Thank you.
Looking for someone?
Yeah. Ye-Yes.
Wouldn't happen to be my daughter?
Yes, it would.
It's Colt, right? Yes, but please call me Peter.
Lizzie's on a roll right now, and I don't want her to have any distractions.
Right. Of course.
Sorry. Just to clarify. Do you see me as a distraction?
That's exactly how I see you.
So stop looking for her. Stop calling her. Stop coming around.
Stop every damn thing that involves my daughter.
Is that clear?
I suppose, in a few thousand years, the English will evolve webbed feet.

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