Paranoid Park (2007): Alex Talks to His Father


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The clip Alex talks to his father from Paranoid Park (2007)

Hey, Alex.
Hey, Dad.
Oh, shit, wondered where this was.
Are you gonna take that?
I'm just gonna borrow it.
Your Uncle Tommy and I are going up to the lake this weekend.
Do you need this?
Yeah... thanks.
Look I wanted to talk to you,
I don't... I don't know what you've heard or...
what your mother's been telling ya.
Um... but I'm probably not gonna be comin' around here anymore.
Um, we're still working on the details, logistics and,
you know, trying to figure out what's best for... for you and Henry.
Uh, working with your mother is... not the easiest thing in the world...
as I'm sure you know.
But if there's any special considerations that you have...
um... be sure and let me know.
How's school going, how are your classes?
School's good.
How are Parker and those guys?
They're fine.
I saw Parker's dad the other night at Outdoor World.
Are you still skateboarding?
Yeah, a little.
Right on.

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